Mad Cow Disease

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Mad Cow Disease or more commonly known as MCD is an affliction of the mind when one cow is flooded with misguided thoughts and draws the conclusion that they have reached a higher level of awareness and therefore must be correct in all of their assumptions.
For one to understand Mad Cow one must look at a few Important factors.

The humble cow.
It is now widely accepted among experts of the bovine community that a mad cow is not born but made. Genetic test have shown that the presence of a common “mad gene”in the mad cow is non existent and therefore one must conclude that MCD is a learned sickness of the mind rather than a genetic abnormality that is passed on from mother cow to daughter cow.

The early onset of MCD is usually if not always brought on by boredom and lack of diverse mental stimulation the cow sinks into a state of doubt and denial which is very hard for the cow let alone the bull to understand. Constant shittyness is a sure sign the cow is in its early stages of MCD>
This progresses to extreme mood swings in the cow that cant be explained.

The Red Flag.
The Bull who is well know to charge the red flag waved by the Matador in a Bull Fight now becomes the cows red flag.Unlike the bull which charges with the body, the cows attack comes in the form of constant complaining over simple matters and accusing the bull of humping other cows. Its important to note that the cow does not take into account the ugliness of the cow that she suspects the bull to be mating with. So in layman’s terms . The bull has now become the emotional red flag for all the cows mood swings and in fact, can be seen as a trigger from the cows point of view and therefore, must be to blame for everything.

A Higher State of Awareness.
After many failed attempts by the bull to reason with cow. The bull loses the ability of speech and is reduced to a single word which is is used every time the cow speaks (” huh”?) or sometimes ” what the?” depending on the region .
This only frustrates the cow into thinking the bull is stupid as are all bulls and they that is to say the cow, is correct in every conclusion drawn and therefore always in every matter right no matter how much common sense begs to differ or actual fact points in the opposite direction.
At this point one can say that any attempt to cure the cow of madness is mute if not futile.

The author would like to declare that no cows mad or otherwise were harmed during this study although many bulls that were i interviewed have now become gay. If only for the reason that they now can Punch their partner in the for being so stupid without any feelings of remorse and legal or moral backlash from other cows bad or not .