Homo inferior

With backs turned and arms folded , I just knew a pout would have been added to make the gesture all the more grand So grand in fact there was no need for verbal communication so grand I was certain  it was to be immortalized in stone destined to replace the statue of David

I stood there humbled quietly shaken by the definitive meaning of the gesture, My very soul trembled at the sheer seriousness of of it all

Thevoice then uttered in words that reminded me of a emotionally unstable toddler

IM NOT TALKING TO YOU  “it said in a child like voice .

A child’s voice? Surely they mock me with this voice

I could see in their eyes as i moved to face them that

That this gesture meant everything to them such faith they had in it

Yet there it was again

IM NOT TALKING TO YOU  it sulkily said

I then took pity on them and felt cruel as I started laughing, Was this meant to be reprimand for disrupting the flow of their delicate balance

I laughed more because i knew the gesture was meant to bend me to their will, such was their self perceived importance and delusional power they thought they held

And for the first time i noticed words on their shirts


  and i knew those words had always been there

the laughing began again…


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